Darkened Summer


Sorry for not posting lately, guys... I had a really busy summer after my exams ended, and back to school was hectic too (as always, right?). Anyway, I hope everyone had a great holiday ! To start off this 'new' school year, here's my first outfit post.
These Gugu leggings are the best. I mean look at them. They're so damn cute !! Besides having such a fun design, the material is super stretchy and has a slight slimming effect, which is always a plus, ladies. I truly recommend them to the gals who feel like bringing up their leggings level a little higher - you'll look chilled, but stay still cool.

I wish everyone a fab night,

Lots of love,


Grab your pair of Comic Finn Leggings here

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  1. Tu est splendide, et que dire de ta tenue : J'adore! Je ne savais pas que tu avais un blog, heureuse de l'apprendre.
    Bisou, Marjorie.


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