How To Get Into "Me Time" Mode


Raise your hand if you feel like you haven't accomplished something personal, in a while. (Yup, my hand is raised). I feel like nowadays, our lives are so busy with work/school and daily chores, that we don't get enough time for ourselves, to just relax. Most of the time, we are surrounded by other people - which can obviously be nice - but I'm not going to lie, just shutting everyone out of your space for a moment, can actually be quite therapeutique. I often find myself on my phone 24/7, Instagramming, and by 11:30 pm I ask myself "Where has my day gone by?". On those days (which feel like my daily routine, to be quite honest), I get the impression that I didn't make the most of my time, to achieve something. That's when I know it's time for me to start rediscovering my hobbies that I left off, due to lack of time.


1 - Turn off your phone. Yes, having a girly convo with your friends may be nice, but what's even nicer is deconnecting from your social life to get back to your hobbies. And by putting down your phone, you can be sure to be one hundred percent focused on your activity. I used to paint and create things all the time, when I was younger. I used to make my mum little presents every day, and though they probably ment a lot to her, I can't deny they probably were a bit much, at times, as she didn't know where to keep them, haha! But when I got my first computer, I said bye-bye sewing and papier-mâché, hello Internet! To this day, I still have 6 humongous arts and crafts boxes hidden in my closet and under my bed, just waiting to be used. And now's the time to dive back into them.

2 - A bit like your phone, switch off your computer! When I'm at home, all I'll do in my spare time is watch makeup, fashion and fitness related videos on Youtube. As interesting as they are to watch, I'm not getting any use out of them, if I don't practice doing my makeup or do a fun workout. So instead of binge-watching these sorts of videos 'til 5 in the morning, like I do, actually follow the instructions of the video. Who knows, maybe you'll discover your secret talent for doing perfectly winged eyeliner, or being super athletic. 

3 - Make yourself a fun playlist to listen to whilst doing your favourite activity. This will definitely get you in the groove of things. Plus, I know quite a few friends who naturally don't like being alone, so having some sort of background noise can be comforting.

4 - If you are the latter, maybe invite a friend over, if she too is as interested as you are in crochet, say. That way not only will you be having fun, but you'll be bonding with your buddy also. If by the end of your activity, you guys were so into it, maybe make it a date for the following week.

5 - Be consistent. Make it a habit of yours to indulge in your hobbies. If the bins need to be put out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, then you need to have "me time" on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Even with a busy life, you need that time to just be doing what makes you feel relaxed, and good about yourself.

6 - Make your environment peaceful with a scented candle. I love doing this, as it definitely helps soothe my mind after a stressful day. Side note: when my poor Mumma died, last November, her best friend, Nellie, asked what I wanted her to bring over from England. My very first thought was a nicely scented candle. I find flames very beautiful to look at, and often find myself daydreaming when I do so, plus the lovely scent of the candle really helps to calm me. So Nellie very kindly bought me this fancy Nirvana candle. Got to be honest, it smells so good I sort of don't want to burn it. The day all the wax is gone, I'll truly be sad. So ladies, get yourself this candle, it is diviiine. 

7 - If you really don't have much time on your hands, still find a way to do something for you - a little mani-pedi, reading a chapter of your favourite book... 

That being said, I hope this piece of advice helped in a way, and that you'll be able to find a way to reconnect with your favourite hobbies. Lots of love to you all, until next time!

Anaïa xo

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