Update: Pink Hair, No Care


Unfortunately, the pink hair thing won't be happening. Let me explain why: after having touched up my roots with some cheap bleach kit bought from the supermarket, my fresh canary hair didn't want to tone down, even after two go's with LaRichés Neon Blue and L'Oréal Professional's Silver Shampoo, and the rest of my hair went a lilac-ey/grey colour. To add to the whole 'look' my bottom layers DID NOT want to move up a tone (even after having been bleached a couple of times) and they also didn't take to the purple shampoo I washed them with. So, I'll paint my portrait for you:

- Yellow roots
- Lilac bangs
- Grey Streaks
- Golden blond under layers

In other words: disgusting.

Look, I even drew a little picture of myself: 

I wanted to tone my hair, in the first place, to get hair white enough for pink hair dye (they say you need to have white/platinum hair so it can be used as a blank canvas for various 'unnatural' hair colours). My plan was to mix LaRiché Directions' "Tulip" with some conditioner, but now I'm moving to Plan B.

Anyway, I've decided I'll just head to the hairdressers (no pun intended) so I can let the professionals deal with my hair, and I think I'll treat myself to a dark ash blond colour. This time, I won't be needing to get my roots done, since my hair will hopefully blend in naturally to the colour I'll be getting.

'Til then,

Anaïa xo

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