Back again !


I'm back, guys ! Last weekend, up to Thursday, I drove up to the North-West of France with my family to visit châteaux. I wasn't able to connect during my stay there, that's why I haven't been blogging for a while.. but now I'm back with a ton of photos, a few OOTD posts at the ready and I'm feeling refreshed. I hope the photos will please you, because I was certainly inspired whilst taking them ! I won't say too much about each castle's background history in this post, as I'm saving it for another time. (There's some really cool stuff that has happened in each of these castles. Each are all exclusively unique, in their own way) :)
Unfortunately I won't be able to post things on here just yet, since I have a lot of photo organizing and editing to do first, plus I'm back to school tomorrow (I am interiorly crying about that, btw) :(
Anyway, enough negative vibes for tonight ! Have a (somewhat) happy Sunday night, and I shall talk to you all soon :)

Here's a little sneak-peek at what lies ahead, mouahaha !

Anaïa xo

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