OOTD # They're Playing Our Song, Ain't Nothing Wrong


I really hope these exams will fly past, because I'm starting to loathe studying. Anyway, it's always nice to take a lil' break and snap a few shots of the outfit I'm wearing.

Here's this beautiful number i've had for ages in my closet (possibly for 3 years now?...) from H&M. Its bust area is really flattering for big-chested girls like myself, as it has a little cleavage but nothing too revealing, plus there's a cute bow to stop anything going Rated-R on this site.. haha

Dress - H&M

The makeup I am wearing is: 

Foundation - Bourjois (No.52 Vanilla)
Eyes - FrontCover (Metallics collection)
Lips - FrontCover (Metallics collection)

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  1. I utterly adore your blog reminds me so much of myself with the fashion, photography and cooking, so glad you commented on mine!!
    Your style is so classic yet quirky, it's wonderful!
    hope to see many more lovely posts, have you got a follow button or a twitter? :)

    Stephi xxx

    1. Thank you, you seem like the loveliest person ! I must admit we do have a few things i common. x

      My blog is currently being built, but I believe I do have a follow button now (?) Haha

      Anaïa x


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