Pink Hair, No Care !


Ok. So I've decided I'm going to dye my hair pink. I've finally gone and bought the products I need (a pot of "Tulip" Pink hair dye from LaRiché Directions) and I'm. Gonna. Do. This. Thang. I've been juggling around the idea for quite some time now, and after having done my research, and watched countless D.I.Y. YouTube videos of people colouring their own hair, I've set my mind on this task.

Since my hair is already light-ish blond and my roots are staring to grown in, with a few white streaks in it (that wasn't actually intentional, but oh well !), I will have to bleach my roots first, and tone everything tone, to then have a blank canvas to start making my hair pink !

I might even post a video tutorial on YouTube, if my filming turns out alright ! ;)

For now, let's just cross our fingers and pray for my hair to not turn into a hot mess..

Bye for now,

Anaïa xo

Here are a few photos that inspired me to dye my hair: 

(Tasha Leelyn Desnoyers)

(Amy Valentine)

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  1. Je comprend ton envie de te teindre les cheveux, surtout toi étant blonde ça t'irai superbement bien. J'ai eu les cheveux violet pendant un temps, et c'est une expérience plutôt agréable!
    xoxo, Marjorie.


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